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Grow your Portfolio with CBD and Hemp Integrated Food, Beverage, and Topicals

Stabbility For Accurate Dosing

Homogeneity for Even Distribution

Better-Tasting Ingredients


We have created an exclusive emulsification process that makes any oil-based ingredient water-soluble, resulting in the formation of W.E.T. Utilizing our extensive expertise in product development and drawing from the best practices and techniques of the food and beverage industry, we have successfully crafted a reliable and consistent emulsion. This emulsion seamlessly integrates into any production process, providing stability and uniformity.

Scale Your Infused Products with Confidence

What makes W.E.T. stand out? We go beyond being a mere supplier of ingredients; we become your trusted partner. With our unwavering commitment to providing top-level support and ensuring seamless integration of our ingredients, W.E.T. empowers producers to develop products that are not only more effective but also more enjoyable for consumers.

Oil To Water Conversion


Emulsion Formulation

Product Development

At the heart of our operations lies a strong foundation as an ingredient supplier, combined with our deep knowledge of water-soluble emulsion technology and product development. Through our cutting-edge technology, we are driving transformative changes in how the food and beverage industry engages with the core ingredients that consumers crave. Our commitment to simplicity in working with our technology and ingredients allows us to prioritize our partners’ needs, enabling them to deliver products that are not only enjoyable but also highly effective.

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Our proprietary blend of food grade emulsifiers allows you to seamlessly emulsify cannabinoids into any food or beverage.

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